Strategic Collaboration

Igniting Discretionary Effort to build business connections

In today’s world, accounting, engineering, legal and financial advice firms place a higher priority on their professional staff developing business connections with a view to growing their practices.

The reality is that accountants, lawyers, engineers and financial advisers are drawn to their profession because they are comfortable in situations that require analytical ability, attention to detail, and logical reasoning.

Behaviours that engage and connect with others may not come naturally to them. These firms recognise the skills gaps in their professional staff to develop the skills of connecting, conversing, and collaborating for business development.

We offer a comprehensive six month in-house development program which has minimal impact on billable hours, yet develops these necessary skills in a sustainable way.

Program Outcomes:

  • Attract referrals
  • Bring in new clients
  • Lead to higher visibility in the community and with allied professionals
  • Learn how to make themselves and the firm more visible and memorable
  • Teach others to trust them by demonstrating their character and competence
  • Engage others through questioning, listening, and storytelling
  • Expand internal relationships and be able to cross-sell.