Lead Without Reins: Equine assisted leadership development

Our take on leadership

Leadership isn’t just about getting people from one place to the other. It’s about how we lead, how we are perceived and how we are received. It’s about being aware of all of our communication: our body language, our attitude and our tone of voice. Everyone reacts in different ways to each other based upon their perception of these ‘silent communicators’.

Why Horses?

Horses don’t lie. They don’t have hidden agendas. Rather, horses respond to what they see and feel in the moment. As prey animals, their flight instincts become instant mirrors and non-judgemental feedback mechanisms. Lead Without Reins is all about using this feedback as a leadership tool, empowering you in a unique and life-changing way to hone leadership skills.

Why Lead Without Reins?

See yourself from another perspective
Looking at communication from another’s perspective, without a word spoken, can initiate profound change in just one day. We guide you on a journey of self-discovery that looks at your beliefs, habits and processes and opens your horizon to new, more effective and more empowered ways to lead.

Let others see you from a different perspective
True leadership is more than just knowing how to lead. It’s knowing how to create team spirit, collaboration, joy, fun and self development in your place of business. Our training is centred around these attributes, ensuring you and your team leaves having thoroughly enjoyed a transformational, learning experience.

Lead Without Reins – Equine Assisted Leadership Development