Igniting Discretionary Effort by gamifying training and development

When we add the elements and desires of game play (feedback, fun, achievement, clear and measurable goals, motivation to complete, forced interaction and collaboration) to training and development, we open up a great way to ignite discretionary effort. People will try things in a gamified environment that they may not try otherwise.

They will learn by doing and often experience new ways of seeing or approaching workplace problems and relationships. Gamification taps our intrinsic competitive and collaborative nature to ignite discretionary effort.

A common feature of gamification is the use of custom products that make it easier to deliver consistent programs that can be facilitated using 'champions' and leaders across the organisation.


Examples include:

The Shots program

Using online and offline game elements to ensure that learned content is purposely tried and embedded into daily work practice over the weeks following a training session. Activities specifically target the use of discretionary effort.

CCS Career Catalyst

Exploiting the game-like feel of the communication system known as, CCS Cards, the Career Catalyst program uses a blended combination of expertly facilitated activities and profound critical reflection exercises. Participants are given the time they need and a unique toolkit to reflect on their career and identify and to refocus their values and strengths. In doing so they naturally ignite their discretionary effort and re-energise as they contemplate their future career path within the organisation.
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