Exceptional Customer Experience

Igniting Discretionary Effort to deliver exceptional customer experience with every interaction.

In today’s competitive business environment, service is a critical driver of customer loyalty, retention and delivering profitable growth. One of the keys to ensuring customer loyalty is by creating a positive experience for customers every time. By delivering on their service promise successfully at every opportunity, effective organisations look to exceed customer expectations, ultimately earning customer loyalty.

Service providers who provide great service excellence are recognised by their ability to deliver a predictably positive experience to the customer in each service interaction. It is based on four key components of Customer Service:

  • Pinpoint focus on the customer
  • Using an exceptional customer engagement process
  • Focusing every interaction on customer retention
  • Positively handle challenging situations
  • The workshop also includes a discussion into customer types, both inside and outside their organisation. It introduces a reliable, memorable customer engagement process focused on skills that consistently
  • Lead to delighting customers either by telephone or face to face.