Our Unusual Approach

We seek out unusual and proven approaches to training and development that we can use to ignite discretionary effort across your organisation.

At SAGe we focus on your salespeople, leaders and managers, customer facing people and technical experts, to enable them to harness the discretionary effort in themselves and the people they interact with. So you get more from your people and more for your customers.

We purposely seek out and bring together innovative and unusual approaches for training and developing your people. We use creative combinations of actors, games, virtual classrooms, expert facilitation and even horses! We'll bring whatever it takes to ignite discretionary effort across your organisation.

A four part engagement

At SAGe we engage with clients with a four part process: understanding, diagnosing and designing, executing, measuring. Most importantly we keep you, our client, in the middle of the entire process. We believe in a collaborative approach and like to make your association with us an enjoyable experience.

  • Measure: We are keen on measuring behaviour change and can also guide you in measuring return on investment.
  • Understand your Business: We don't believe in "solutions looking for a problem". We focus our expertise in understanding you, your business, your customers, your competitors and your industry. We will ask you many questions.
  • Diagnose and Design​: When we understand your business we look deeper. We will ask you even more questions, ask for relevant data, ask to speak with stakeholders, and do some assessments amongst others. We apply our joint expertise in workplace learning to develop effective and creative solutions that will fit into your organisation's unique culture.​​
  • Execute: We have learned a thing or two in our collective experience to know what works and what doesn't. We believe that execution is beyond a workshop and needs to be sustainable once a participant returns to work. We have some ideas on how to make learning stick.