37393854 - sad businesswoman in stress at office work asking for help sitting frustrated and depressed in front of business district window view pulling her red hair

A Brand Manager’s Meeting Nightmare

Jo, a Brand Manager at a leading pharma company, had asked me to meet her for a coffee at a popular coffee shop at Macquarie Centre in Sydney’s North West.  I could sense that Jo was aggravated from the very brief phone call to set up the meeting.  When I asked her what it was […]

53943966 - muggia, italy march 16, 2013: photo of a maserati granturismo s. the maserati granturismo is a two-door, four-seat coupà© produced by the italian car manufacturer maserati.

Why your best talent is like a Maserati

My very close friend is a CEO of a large multinational. He called me and asked if I was available for the day as he wanted to show me something special. I said “Yes” and what happened next was a very thought provoking experience.   He arrived in a brand new top of the range […]